Last Day of Camp Garda Station – closed on 31st January 2013

Camp Garda Station closed for the last time on Thursday, 31st. January. Dan Mulcahy has many memories of the station operting with 3 Gardai and a Sergeant. Dan’s late mother Catherine Mulcahy and his sisters Mary and Ellie worked in the station in the 1930′s and early 1940′s.
Garda Sean O Morain R.I.P and his wife Brigid held many events in the station for the young people and Camp Drama Group practised their plays and the Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann group met there too. Alas Camp station is among the 9 stations which are now closed in the county. Garda Aidan Smith retired last year and he wasn’t replaced, so we now are under the Dingle area and are conducting our business in Castlegregory Station. So time marches on, but we stll have the memories of good times past in Camp Garda Station !

Camp Sheep Fair

Camp Annual Sheep fair is held on September 18th. in the village of Camp. The fair dates back centuries to the time of Lord Ventry when a ram auction was held in the village. Lord Ventry brought the first black faced scotch breed of sheep to West Kerry. He carried 1,000 ewes on his lands in Beheenagh, Camp at this time. The fair has survived down through the years and is as always a great social occasion too for the local sheepfarmers and the families of Camp. In recent years the fair has developed and now we have horses and donkeys, fowl and other animals along with the sheep for sale at the fair.
Camp Fair is one of a very few fairs left that sheep are penned at the roadside and buyers come along and make bargains as in days gone by. No weights or measures are available like the marts, so its very much take the sheep as you see her ! and trust the farmer to sell you a good animal that will be healthy and breed well into the future.
The Sheep Show is one of the big events at Camp Fair. Farmers show their quality sheep and they are judged and perpetual trophies in memory of Campmen now herding in greener pastures, are given out for the best animals. The traditional mutton pie is the staple diet on the day. The children gather from school and have water fights and everybody enjoy a nice evening in the local pubs where there is great music and song late into the night.

Gleann na nGealt on Cogair TG4

On Sunday October 28th. a programme on Gleann na nGealt will be broadcast on the Irish Language, Television Channel, TG4. The history is about the cure for madness which is in the waters of the Mad Well Tobar na nGealt in Gleann na nGealt. The programme can be picked up on RTE PLAYBACK for 30 days afterwards.    Bain Taithneamh as an gcláir !!